Monday, September 3, 2012

Honeymoon Adventures

Brian and I just got back from our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time! Here's a little inside look into our travels in pictures. 

Bergen, Norway

We arrived on Brian's birthday! The weather is overcast and cool and reminds us a bit of the Pacific Northwest.  A nice change from summer in NYC. 

The new fishmarket

Brian got a couple free samples of these guys and said they were some of the best shrimp he has ever had.  Later he tried reindeer... poor Rudolph :(

Charming Bergen

Stalheim, Norway

 Stalheim lies in the Nærøydalen, which is part of UNESCO’s world heritage list.   

 We stayed in a cabin at Sivle Gard (farm).  This is where one of Norway's most famous poet Per Sivle spent his early years.  This picture is the view from our living room window. 

So happy to be in nature!

Raspberries picked right from outside. They were as delicious as they looked!

Stalheim is very isolated.  There's a hotel (this is the amazing view from the back patio) and a few farms; that's pretty much it.   It is a great starting point for several hikes in the area. 

Brekkedalen hike

 We were greeted by friendly horses along the way...

   and sheep.

 Nali hike.  Not for those who have a fear of heights.  The edge you see goes straight down. 

My great grandfather was born in Stalheim and the farm has been passed down for decades.  These are my relatives and their farm in Stalheim.

Journey from Stalheim to Balestrand.  

 We chose the scenic route to reach Balestrand by taking a ferry through the Nærøyfjord.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 The dramatic scenery is breathtaking.

Balestrand, Norway

Balestrand is a small fjordside town along the Sognefjord.

We enjoyed walking...

and biking...

and eating at this amazing restaurant called Ciderhusset!

Balestrand grows a variety of apples and plums.  Brian couldn't help himself. 

Copenhagen, Denmark 


With all the travel we started to slow down a bit.  Coffee was helpful.

 Everyone bikes in Copenhagen...

 and eats pastries!

Like most of Scandinavia, Copenhagen is very green.   This is one of their organic cafes.

Happy Brian.

 Hans Christian Anderson was from Denmark.  This picture is actually the graveyard where he is buried.

Brian found the horns over my head very amusing. 

There are several different neighborhoods, each with a distinct feel.  We loved the color of this neighborhood.

 Reykjavik, Iceland

Our first stop in Iceland was the Blue Lagoon.  Although it is touristy it is absolutely amazing.

 The pool is formed from volcanic rock and the geothermal seawater is pumped in from about a mile underground!  It was pretty chilly so the warm water (about 98-102 degrees) felt great.

 The mineral rich water is known for its skin healing properties.  Here we are with our silica mud masks. 

Rather than take a tourbus, we decided to rent a car to see some of the nearby sites.
 Brian by the Geyser.

There it goes!   Brian and I nicknamed them earth farts because when they explode they emit more sulfur.

The next stop was Gullfoss, which means "golden waterfall".


Brian doing his modern dance impression.  

Had to take one generic yoga pose shot ;)

We worked up an appetite with all the running around.  Here's our meal before it was cooked...

and after!   Halibut and salmon skewers with potatoes and veggies.  The fish was so fresh!

Can't leave out the picture of Leif Ericson.  He was the first European explorer to reach Iceland and North America (way before Christopher Columbus).